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Magic Kava Bucket

Magic Kava Bucket

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The Patent Pending Magic Kava Bucket™ is the ultimate kava maker system. Gone are the days of the mess and stress of trying to make a batch of kava after a long day. Let the Magic Kava Bucket turn your kitchen into your personal kava bar by automatically making up to a gallon of strong and smooth kava in minutes. It is as simple and easy to use as a blender. Cleanup is also a breeze. 

How it works:

The patent pending Magic Kava Bucket mimics traditional kava kneading by rapidly beating the kava root powder in the Magic Kava strainer bag. This creates a strong and silky smooth kava that is similar to hand kneading and superior to using a blender as a blender is more likely to cause nausea. This is because a blender shreds the fibers (Makas) in kava root powder into a micronized state that contaminate your final kava beverage unlike our Magic Kava Bucket that agitates the root powder only. 


  1. Fill bucket with no more than 1 Gallon of room temperature water (No hotter than 100F/37C)
  2. Fill patent pending Magic Kava Strainer with up to 8oz of your favorite Kava root powder.
  3. Place lid on bucket and set timer to 10 minutes. 
  4. When the kava is done you can simply dispense into your cup from the spigot or take the bucket of and pour the kava into your kava bowl. 

Pro Tip:  If you want to make more than one gallon of liquid kava, simply use more kava root powder in the process and add desired liquid amount after the mix is complete. 

Whats included:

Magic Kava Bucket x1

Magic Kava Strainer x1

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